“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”
Johnny Depp
About Us
     For many years Furever Family Dog Training & Rehabilitation has been rehabilitating dogs from around the province. Working successfully with many rescues to rehabilitate dogs due to aggression, unwanted behaviour, anxiety and more.  We provide private in home training as well as kennel free boarding and rehabilitation for many families and rescues.  With proven success we believe that a dogs behaviour can be modified, even with a bite history a dog can become a well balanced member of the family.
     Rescue organizations are wonderful, raising funds to help dogs medically, providing a safe home in foster care until a forever family can be found, screening applicants, home visits and much more. But upon researching the ins and outs of rescues and shelters. I have realized that many dogs don't make it. Rescues and shelters insurance, codes of liability, and rules bind their hands, if it is brought forward that a dog has behaviour problems (especially bite history). While this is completely understandable, you can not pull a dog from a shelter or owner surrender with aggression and simply put him/her in foster care.
     So Furever Family Dog Training and Rehabilitation has built a fantastic facility to accommodate these behavioural issued dogs. Furever Family Rescue & Rehabilitation! It's not a kennel,  it's a home, full windows, doors, heating, air conditioning, treadmill, security system and more! With the help of family, friends, hard work and time we are now able to pull these dogs from shelters and rehabilitate them to becoming well balanced members of Furever families. 
     This building allows us to work with these dogs one on one, in a social environment, assess and rehabilitate them in a home environment. Being exposed to kids, cats, dogs and becoming balanced members of the family. 
     Fundraising, sponsors and donations will be a large part of helping enable us to pull dogs and we will work diligently to do so.  Medical care,  rehabilitation and Furever families, hand in hand. 

This is being said not all dogs that come in have behaviour issues, some are feral, some just need a soft landing. Rescues fill up, shelters are at capacity and if I have room I will not say no to a dog a need. 
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